Chris and Sherry Hardie

B&B homesteaders

Opening up a bed and breakfast was the realization of a dream for us. Our long-term goal is to be self-sufficient (we're well on our way) and to be able to share the earth's bounties with our guests.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The fruit that comes from planting the seed

We had a visit yesterday at Brambleberry Winery from a couple that stayed at our B&B a few years ago. Sherry remembered them right away -- partly because they had left behind a vest!
During their stay the couple remarked that they didn't think there was any difference in the taste of wines, saying that cheaper wines are just as good as higher-priced wines. We respectfully differed and Chris brought out a sample of an Australian shiraz from the Barossa region, which was still a great price at about $10. He offered them a sample.
Now several years later, the couple told us that we had opened their world to wine and they have traveled extensively sampling wines. They thanked us for taking the time to showing them that there is a difference in wine -- and laughed that we have also cost them many thousands of dollars over the years!
It was great seeing the couple again and they plan to come and stay, taste more wine and share more of their experiences. Tasting wine is an experience. That's what we offer at Brambleberry!