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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Calving season is over

Our third Scottish Highland cow that has been looking very pregnant for the past two months finally delivered a heifer calf, but it was not without some challenges.
We were thankful the cow managed to get through a recent 100-plus degree streak without calving. But when she had the calf, it dropped in an awkward position on top of its head and was not moving.
Sherry climbed into the pen and kept a close eye on the mother -- Highlands do not take kindly to perceptions that you are messing with their calves. Sherry was able to get close enough to the calf to roll it over and she started moving. Yes, she. Two of our three calves born this year were heifers.
Heather has now joined the herd.
Soon we will be removing the bull calf who was born in March because he will become a steer and be raised for meat. He will join two other beef calves we bought this spring and will be the start of our mainly grass-fed beef operation.

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