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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A surprise but welcome arrival

We have a new member of the Brambleberry farm family and she came as a surprise.
Flora, a snow-white Scottish Highland heifer calf, was born last week. And we didn't know that her mother was pregnant!
Deidre gave birth a year ago to our young bull Gavin and all the cows were with a bull last summer and fall on another farm before we bought them. But she certainly didn't look as fat and large as Mulberry, our third Highland cow who has looked ready to calve for about a month now.
We spotted the newborn calf during our nightly feeding but wondered why Mulberry was not paying any attention to her. That concerned us because calves must have their mother's milk within a few hours of birth to ensure their survival. We thought it odd that Deidre seemed to be more interested in the calf.
Finally, logic prevailed and we realized that Deidre had also been with the bull last year. It also made more sense because Flora's brother Gavin also was very white when he was young. His coat has started to darken but it's still the color of cream with shades of red.
Flora is doing well and we're happy to have a heifer for future herd expansion. She joins Sir Loin, a bull calf born on St. Patrick's Day.
Meanwhile, we're still waiting on Mulberry. Perhaps we'll have something else to celebrate this July 4!

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